Solution: Eliminate Money: Robotics

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Robots/robotics and other technological advances have already replaced approximately a large number of jobs formerly performed by humans, and we expect that number to double within the next 8 years.1 A lot of the most dangerous as well as the most repetitive, mundane and boring jobs can be performed by robots.2 This is the future, and one we can embrace if we are ALL treated equally, without prejudice. If there are no masters and no slaves, no matter the context. When there is no ability to accumulate wealth.

In essence, if there is no private ownership of robotics, robotics will increasingly be put to the best use – taking on the ‘rote’ activities like the ones that cause repetitive stress injuries to humans, back injuries from lifting heavy objects, etc... This in turn will save on medical (staff and product) resources. What this all means is after a fairly short time most people working will see their work needs shortened. More time off, more time available for hobbies and vacations. What this means for humanity is a sharp decrease in waste – in human energy wasted on goals that have no real meaning or products that don’t help anyone.


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