Solution: Eliminate Money: Repurpose Obsolete Jobs

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In the world today, many of the 'jobs' that exist are literally a waste of those human resources, of that personal energy which so many spend performing them. Primarily, we are talking about those that involve the printing, transportation, managing, advising, recording, and distributing money. Most of the rest of the jobs which could easily be eliminated have to do with either protecting borders/sovereign rights or all of the other jobs that stem from money, such as sales and marketing, corporate strategists, lawyers, lobbyists and criminals. This list, though not complete, demonstrates most of the jobs currently performed for monetary compensation which have no need in tomorrow's society:

  • Bankers / Tellers / Safe Deposit workers
  • Mortgage industry
  • Loan industry
  • Credit industry
  • Bookkeepers and CPAs
  • Generals, captains, majors, lieutenants... All armed forces
  • Financial advisors
  • Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. (replaced with universal healthcare equal & available to all based on urgency and need instead of personal finances)
  • Grant writers
  • The entire stock market industry
  • National mints and distribution workers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Any corporate finance positions
  • IRS and similar revenue/tax collection authorities
  • Lawyers/law firms
  • Dictators, presidents, “royalty”, etc...
  • Politicians and the political industry – although there will be many layers/levels of decision makers, there are no political parties, rallies, or campaigns
  • All lobbyists
  • Corporate strategists (managers of corporate secrets, leverage over competition, etc...)
  • All marketing, sales and advertising (PSA authors still needed)
  • Armored transport
  • Security analysts
  • Cyber criminals
  • Customs workers
  • Labor unions
  • Gang members, bosses
  • Spies
  • Security analysts
  • Foreign ambassadors, emissaries, etc....
  • Chauffeurs, drivers (taxi, long haul, Uber, LYFT, etc...)

This last item on the list has to do with the near-future's implementation of a global autonomous vehicle grid to replace drivers.