Solution: Eliminate Money: Plastics Production

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Plastics production is driven largely by the producers of the products, who help to drive the consumer demand with alluring commercials, flashy packaging and the low cost of production of plastic products. Plastics production is killing our environment, so why is it being produced in increasing volumes every year?1 Money is the answer yet again. Monetary greed driving the production of millions of pieces of plastic crap that end up in landfills, rivers, streams, oceans, the soil we grow our food in, and the air we breathe.

Without money driving the increasing production of plastics, instead we can spend the resources on finding alternatives, many of which have existed for many years. There are numerous items manufactured today out of plastic that were historically made from other natural materials, such as metals and woods. I know from personal experience as a chef that the older mixers with all metal gears tend to last much longer than the newly minted ones with plastic gears. Corn-based biodegradable ‘plastics’ and other plant-based replacements can supplant many other items previously made from petroleum-based plastics. Cellophane can also be used in a large number of ways to replace plastics. There are a number of other viable plastic replacements available currently, a couple of which are available at and


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