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Those of you who have read the book will understand not just the need, but the necessity of eliminating all monetary systems from our planet, and can skip the following introduction.

Why Monetary Systems are Preventing Climate Action
We currently live in a world where currency is king. You can literally buy anything if you throw enough money at it. A rare car, an island, a person (fellow human being!), a country, a politician, an election… a planet? We see money at the heart of many problems we face today. It is a tool of servitude, of slavery under the guise of poverty, of working harder to ‘succeed’ as a competition against your fellow human, instead of working together toward common goals. Climate change, no matter the cause, will most likely disrupt civilization on earth beyond recognition if we continue down the current path. Greed for money and power continue to be a driving force in annihilating the diversity of species we still have. The Endangered Species Act in the United States continues to face uphill battles as many in Congress continue fighting solely for the lobbyists who line their pockets with cash, such as the oil and gas industry, ignoring our very real and present catastrophic situation.[LINK:]

Below are just a small sample of the PROBLEMS SOLVED by eliminating all monetary systems:

FRACKING: Once again, it is all in the name of money. Greed (fueled by money) is driving this, under the guise of national security and ‘energy independence’. The truth is the powerful drug ‘greed’ has made fracking companies turn a blind eye to their own demise, attempting to grab as much money as possible before the reality of their destruction sinks in. Again, we find money is the reason our groundwater is being poisoned and earthquake activity is on the rise. Those who think fracking will save the energy needs for our economy are both shortsighted and quite ignorant of the known environmental impacts. We must stop fracking now as part of our strategy to save ourselves and our planet from man’s greed.

SOIL: The soil we have depended on for nutritious life-sustaining food has likewise been systematically depleted and poisoned by years of unsustainable farming practices.[LINK:] It’s not because people think this is the best way to grow the most healthy and nutritious food. It’s because they want to make the most money per acre.

PLASTICS: The manufacture of millions and millions of cheap, disposable 'toys', containers, polystyrene foam(commonly known as Styrofoam®, single-use bags, etc... are all driven by profits. The cheaper and shorter life-span the better the bottom line, and the more money can be made. Without money driving the equation, products which do not pollute will be sought, high-quality long-life and reusable products will be the standard.

The effects of greed, money and capitalism around the world are the systematic destruction of our oceans, air, clean water, forests, soils, wildlife, plant species and even the very bedrock we build upon. Instead of spending our resources and energy solving these issues we continue to chase money – as if money itself could cure any of our problems. The TRUE COST of monetary systems is staggering. Taking a closer looks we can see more clearly.

COSTS: In the United States, more than 20% of the entire workforce is 100% devoted to money. These jobs are wasting human resources around the globe:

  • Bankers / Tellers / Safe Deposit workers
  • Mortgage industry
  • Loan industry
  • Credit industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Bookkeepers and CPAs
  • Generals, captains, majors, lieutenants... All armed forces
  • Financial advisors
  • Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. (replaced with universal healthcare equal & available to all based on urgency and need instead of personal finances)
  • Grant writers
  • The entire stock market industry
  • National mints and distribution workers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Any corporate finance positions
  • IRS and similar revenue/tax collection authorities
  • Lawyers/law firms
  • Dictators, presidents, “royalty”, etc....
  • Politicians and the political industry – although there will be many layers/levels of decision makers, there are no political parties, rallies, or campaigns
  • All lobbyists
  • Corporate strategists (managers of corporate secrets, leverage over competition, etc....)
  • All marketing, sales and advertising (PSA authors will still be needed!)
  • Armored transport
  • Security analysts
  • Cyber criminals
  • Customs workers
  • Labor unions
  • Gang members, bosses
  • Spies
  • Security analysts
  • Foreign ambassadors, emissaries, etc....
  • Chauffeurs, drivers (taxi, long haul, Uber, LYFT, etc....)

More on Repurposing Obsolete Jobs

Additionally, without money none of these various sample issues would exist:

  • Religion gone wrong – $54 million aircraft needed by a televangelist because his other three private aircraft don’t have the range to travel anywhere in the world on a single flight.1
  • Rhinoceros becoming extinct for profit (money!) “At the beginning of the 20th century, an estimated one million black rhinoceroses from four different subspecies roamed the savannas of Africa. By 2001 that number had dropped to about 2,300 black rhinos and just three subspecies.” That according to a November 2013 article by John R. Platt, Scientific American.2 He goes on to say that “It is a story of greed, indifference, hope and despair.” With the final nail in the rhino’s coffin beginning “in the early 1950s, when Mao Zedong promoted so-called traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a tool for unifying the country…” which promoted the use of “powdered rhino horn, which was said to cure everything from fevers to cancer… That's when poachers descended on Africa.” Here we see not only money and greed as a cause, but also countries/politicians. Apparently Mao did not personally believe in TCM, and did not adhere to its constructs, but instead promoted it purely for political (power, money) reasons.3
  • Politics – when you are one of the people crafting new laws, money flows easily to you, and corruption ensues! Unfortunately, politicians who are not influenced by money in some fashion are a rarity in our world and are likely fairly new to their jobs. It is not fair that people who the public have deemed good decision-makers to represent them are required to then endure countless attacks of influence from all sides, often tied to money. This is an unfair burden placed upon politicians, but it is a reality in all society where money exists. In even the most progressive societies all of the rules and laws designed to help prevent such influence and burden do too little in the end to stem the flow of influential money into the pockets of politicians. The river of money will just find another path, make another channel around those rules and regulations on its way to the ocean of politicians.
  • Fast buck for fast food – fast food restaurants do not operate because they want to help people eat healthy food. Fast food hamburgers, fried chicken, crispy fried burritos and the like are hardly healthy. What they do typically have in common is a large amount of fat. The combination of foods high in fats, salt and sugars are what bring people back through the door time and time again. These fast food empires feed people a hazardous diet for quick money. In effect, we are paying them to slowly poison our bodies. Instead, when money is removed from the equation there is no reason not to offer just what will bring them back through the door, but what is truly healthy for them in the long run. When a healthy diet truly has no monetary barriers, a win/win/win ensues.
  • Gambling/get rich/Ponzi/pyramid schemes – Can you imagine any of these without a monetary system? About five years ago I played Monopoly for the first time in many, many years. I remember it from my childhood as being a fun game, and one that I was good at due to my attentiveness and solid mathematics skills. What I didn’t remember, but quickly realized in my most recent game was how much the game reflected so many of the ills of society. Everyone started out with a level playing field, but through luck and ruthless tactics I was soon the owner of the few nice houses on some prime real estate. In short order, I was decimating the funds of my parents, whom I was playing with. I was so absolutely disgusted seeing my parents at the doorstep to the poor house, especially at my own hands, I became quite depressed with the situation and quit playing. But does this really equate with gambling, Ponzi schemes and the like? Absolutely. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Without money, it stays all fun and games!
  • Thieves – typically only steal items of (monetary) value they can sell (for money). This is not to say that the new neighbor won’t try to steal your bride’s heart. But with all of their basic needs taken care of, there is little other reason to lock your doors.
  • Telemarketers – the bane of many a quiet evening at home. Mine has been interrupted repeatedly by telemarketing calls on my home phone (land line), and even my cell phone. These unfortunate souls are likely earning at best minimum wage, working long hours in a job they hate, and listening to people yell and hang up on them most of the time. The bosses don’t care, though, as it is just a numbers game. Even if you’re only getting a 2% positive response that is 2% you can count on, time and again. So ninety-eight people say no but two say yes to whatever hijinks, scam, or overpriced product or service they are selling. This is just an example of the ROI (return on investment) for telemarketers. Without money in the equation, telemarketers cease to have any reason for being.
  • Pop-up ads – with no reason to try to sell anyone a product or service (especially one they don’t actually want), the only useful pop-up ads will be public service announcements, unfortunately very likely to be a warning of impending danger of extreme weather.
  • Junk mail – as with all marketing and sales material, junk mail disappears (at least the forms commonly seen today.)
  • Checkout lines – it is possible that checkout lines will still exist in some form or fashion, possibly to ensure nobody is hoarding or taking more than they need. Adding up the monetary total and making a payment won’t be part of that process.
  • Loan sharks – I cannot believe there are many more gratifying results than seeing all loan sharks put out of business due to a global lack of need, when money is removed from global equations.
  • Corporations as we know them today – money and greed driven organizations that, even with the best of intentions, are usually looking out for their interests and that of their shareholders above everything else – will cease to exist. Instead, their best assets including product and service development, design, production, environmental standards and supply-chain will all be leveraged in everyone’s best interest.
  • Lobbyist will lack the highly lucrative monetary rewards and tools of their trade (bribery) to sway politicians, who will also find their jobs extinct.
  • Insurance, banks, stock market, hedge funds, financial advisors – Those who work in these industries and anyone dealing in investments, and all those who support these industries will need to find something more meaningful and productive to do with their lives.
  • Marketing, sales, and advertising – which was one of my two primary careers and to which I devoted 20 years of my life, will also be relegated to history books. All of these hard-working, talented individuals will be free to embark on a career that helps themselves and their neighbors.
  • Security guards will likely have nothing left to secure or guard. Without people facing urgent need for food and shelter for themselves and their families, the driving forces behind most theft disappears. Mental health, pride in one’s job and stronger communities will all help to reduce these crimes further into history.
  • Pollution (caused by manufacture of inferior/unneeded products) will be reduced exponentially. Currently companies come up with an idea, mass produce a product, and “take it to market” in hopes of selling large volumes and making lots of money, regardless of the product’s actual usefulness, quality, or need. They are only interested in perceived need, perceived value, and their ability to sell lots and lots of product and make lots and lots of money. Instead, products will be produced when the need is presented, and after exploring all of the best options to produce a product of the highest quality. Instead of being influenced by money to produce inferior and unneeded products, we will be influenced by protecting our planet and helping our communities, producing the highest quality product (which lasts longer and/or works better), thereby reducing pollution.
  • Fear of litigation – and the potential monetary loss of pursuing justice has too often prevented people from doing the right thing. Just the other day I saw what seems to be an all too familiar story: a gentlemen riding his bicycle was involved in a major accident, and was on the sidewalk bleeding with people walking by for some time before anyone actually stopped to see if he needed help. Personally, I have a harder time wrapping my head around this then wrapping my head around the world with no countries or monetary systems. But, alas, fear of “getting involved”, which translates to fear of litigation, scares people all too often from trying to help and do the right thing. This is just one minor example of the countless ways this happens all over the earth, every single day. How much harm is caused by having money in the equation every single day just from fear of litigation? Need another example to illustrate the significant impact fear of litigation has on our health? An 83-year-old man fell down on a sidewalk in Fuzhou City, China, and lay there until he died, with people standing around him but nobody offering any assistance.4
  • Trade wars – (‘Hey, your country isn’t spending as much on our country’s exports as we are spending on yours!’) Another great outcome from removing national segregation (countries) from the equation will be the disappearance of all of the economic acrobatics that go along with it, including trade wars, monetary markets, sanctions and embargoes.
  • Accumulation of wealth – people becoming powerful based solely on their monetary stockpile, political influence, i.e. ‘buying’ public servants’ votes, swaying elections with PACs, influence of local zoning laws to benefit self/friends, etc., instead of their common sense, morality or intelligence.
  • Hard choices – choose only one: food/health/heat in the winter. Lack of (monetary) resources causes severe choices that in turn cause stress, poor health, poor quality of life, death… Which one (and only one) would you choose when faced with the reality of having enough money for only one?
  • Death by poverty – how many people are found dead and frozen each year when faced with the choice above? The New York Health Department says “30% of hypothermia victims die after becoming exposed to frigid temperatures while indoors.”5 How many more from starvation?6 From curable disease and injury?
  • And many more...

One stark note is that of homelessness. In the US alone, homelessness has skyrocketed in recent years as the effects of for-profit healthcare costs, stagnant wages, and increasing housing costs move ever-increasing numbers of people to that total. A total number which could be eliminated virtually overnight if money had no influence. Statistical data available in 2018 showed that, using the USA as an example, the vacant office space available meant an average of over 8,000 square feet per person was available for every homeless person.7,8,9 8,000 square feet is absolutely huge, and while this number does not account for kitchens, bathrooms, and all of the plumbing necessary it should shed some light on the enormous waste in space sitting vacant. This is in addition to the spaces currently used in the banking, insurance, stock/bond, mortgage, retirement/portfolio advisors, etc... which would all be available once money is removed. Additionally, these numbers do not include the vast amounts of housing available for sale/rent sitting vacant. Solving homelessness along with food, water and healthcare insecurities enables people to be productive members of society, contributing instead of being a burden. Further research on Repurposing Obsolete Buildings


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