Problem: Climate Crisis

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We have known about and predicted the current state of the climate crisis for many years, yet we continue the destruction of our oceans, air, water, forests, soils, wildlife, plant species and bedrock. These are the very things that make planet earth unique and are absolutely necessary to support human life. We are burning fossil fuels at record rates, creating new and expanding stockpiles of chemical and biological warfare, and manufacturing an expanding array of plastic crap which are all contributing to our end. Global warming is likely the largest facet of the environmental catastrophe we find ourselves in today, yet it is only one of the many effects of humans polluting our planet consistently and without regard for decades. The toxic waste that we produce on an annual basis continues to grow1,2 even as our understanding of the devastating global effects increase and our awareness of the problems we have created comes into full focus.

The current climate crisis is the biggest problem we face, but it is NOT a lost cause! We CAN turn this around in time if we all work TOGETHER and end the in-fighting, greed, and wars. The main categories of problems where action is needed include:


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