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About Us
This website represents the companion piece to the Spring 2020 release of the book by the same name. A Revolutionary Solution is about seeing a path to survival of the current climate emergency - not just for humans, but for as many species of life as possible. It is about making the seemingly hard choices, to let go of the societal norms of imaginary lines of demarcation on our planet, of monetary systems. We are trying to build a better future for ALL humans, for all of us to not just survive but thrive! Remember TEOL: There's Enough! Only Love! Because that is not just my truth, it is the honest truth of our world. We just need to all work together toward the same goals, instead of fighting each other over perceived shortage, perceived fear, often encouraged by those who would use it to control populations. We are about FREEDOM. We are here to help. Let's use this text and website to congeal this loose framework or guide into a direct and clear path forward to equality of ALL HUMANS on this planet. Let's work together to end so many man-made and self-induced hardships. There is absolutely NO REASON for hunger in this world, much less human slavery, wars, and so many ills of the society we currently embrace. Let's fix this mess now!